Is It Time To Move Foward?

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Widows start out uncertain about their next move – or second guess if they should make one at all.

While making decisions can feel daunting, moving forward may be easier then you think:

1. Understand that it’s not going to be easy, grieving never is.

2. Keep choices up front because lack of choices will make you powerless.

3. Don’t allow yourself to be compared with others or be put down and do not, under any circumstances, accept less than you deserve.

4. When you stay in one time because of the scary things that might or might not happen, you are making a conscious decision not to let go and move forward. Fear is holding you back.

5. The misery of feeling bad about who you are, will eventually pollute your whole life. Don’t let that happen – face the truth and move forward, one step at a time.

  1. Sherry
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    I know moving forward is never easy. I am merely pushing four months since the love of my life passed. There are some things around the house that I have changed and some I am taking my time on. I know his memory will forever be in my heart; also I have a journal that I have started a few days after his passing. There are some things I am not ready to part with and/or change because I feel as if I am just tossing him away; yes, I know this is not the truth. At times I feel like screaming you should still be here and then I say “I know you are forever by my side”. I have a long way to get thru the firsts of everything and this new chapter of my life is a slow climb, but I promised him and myself that I will never do anything stupid. I feel with God taking the wheel and my love guiding me and the strength I am trying to obtain I will be okay.

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