Let Your Dreams Lead You

Widows forget to dream, they lose their sense of joy when their loved one is gone.  What you have to learn is that you deserve all the good things in life!

Your dreams deserve another try.  It’s easy to blame ourselves when things don’t work out the first time we try them.  But it’s time to shrug off your mistakes, ignore your “flaws”, focus on your strengths and never, ever give up.

Life of a widow is hard, unbalanced and painful, but give yourself a second chance.  You are unique and extraordinary, so see the beauty in yourself.  Other people already do!

You have so much to offer the world.  It’s almost second nature to shrug off compliments instead of accepting them.  But you’re someone that is loved with many strengths and undeniable beauty.

You are in charge of your dreams.  It’s true that there are things beyond everyone’s control.  But you have the power to dust yourself off and try again.  The power to make great choices and smart moves.  The power to open your heart and mind to all life has to offer.

Tap into you inner power and live your dreams – no one is going to do it for you.

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  1. Joyce Cracknell
    | Reply

    I need all the support I can get

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      An efficient and well used way to connect with other widows, and get support and encourage is to go to Facebook and in the search bar type in “The Sisterhood of Widows – Closed Group for Widows”.

      Once on the Facebook page – Request to Join – Answer ALL three security questions. If your request is approved you will join a group of widows from around the world that support and encourage each other.

      Rules for Closed Facebook Group

      1. Respect Everyone’s Privacy – Being part of this group requires mutual trust. What’s shared in this group is to stay in this group.

      2. Be Kind and Courteous – We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Differences are to be respected.

      3. No Bullying or Excessive Religious/Political posts – Bullying, degrading comments, excessive religious/bible quotes or political postings will put you at risk of being banned.

      4. No Promoting of Your Book / Business – All widows are welcomed, but please don’t join just so that you can promote your book or business. This site is for personal support and encouragement and is not for selling.

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