Are You a Bored Widow?

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As a widow, life is forever changed and we often need some help to rebalance our life.

Sure we know that we need to try new things but if the task is too hard we get tired and frustrated, and if it is too easy it becomes boring. We need that sweet spot where we are challenged but not overwhelmed.

Now that we are on our own we may be forced to try new things, example house and car maintenance or bill paying. You can’t change the fact that you have these things to do, but you can change how you think about it. Reflect on the deeper reason why you are doing a task to infuse it with renewed purpose. Example: Keeping the car maintained means that I can take my grandchildren out without worrying about breaking down or keeping house repairs done means that I have a home I can be proud of and if I ever decide to sell it I will get top price.

Sometimes when we feel bored, it’s because we are focusing only on what is wrong with our lives. It helps to focus outwards, to broaden our world and community. For some reawakening our spiritual life helps to give us purpose.

Restlessness can mask our loneliness. Maybe the issue isn’t that you don’t have things to do, but that you miss your husband. That awareness can spur you to take action, like getting out for a walk with a friend.

Instead of scrolling through Facebook, looking at all the “perfect” lives others have, create a bucket list of “want to do” things that can make life more fulfilling and helps to keep boredom away.

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