Being A Widow Isn’t Easy

Those early days of widowhood I’d just as soon forget, but all the pain and loss has shaped who I am today and is why I’m here to be part of your own journey.

I provide valuable information, support and resources for the soul purpose of helping you to grieve and heal.  Sometimes my advice is hard to take in and you may not like or agree with what I’ve got to say.  But that’s okay because we all have our own journey to travel and there is no one right path for all.

Many widows have hopes and dreams that are lost, so they have to get rebalanced with new hopes and dreams.  But how are they going to do that if they have no specific goals and no plans for achieving them?

Don’t just be a dreamer, take action steps by developing good habits and having some kind of plan in place.  Once you know who you wish to become, are clear on your dreams and begin living those visions, you have opened the door to your new life.

  • Plan your days.
  • Take action whether you feel like it or not.
  • Engage in lifelong learning.
  • Give more in value than you receive.
  • Don’t wait (time can’t be replaced).
  • Find another widow that has achieved balance and look for things that she has done that you can do also.

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