Does Their Opinion Count?

It always surprises me how hard supposedly well-intended friends and family will work to insert themselves, uninvited into every detail of a widows life.

They should find some other way to entertain themselves besides messing around in the personal life of a widow.  How much money a widow has, and if she wants to date or not are just a couple of issues that their opinions don’t count unless they are asked for.

This is especially true when it comes to dating or remarriage.  People who encourage you to get married might be motivated by their moral code, their social order or just want more “couple” time and you just don’t cut it if you stay single.

Whatever their motivation is, you must make your own decisions.  You should ask yourself a lot of questions to be sure that you’re making a clear choice and not just trying to fit into their idea of what is right for you.  Don’t respond out of fear or loneliness.

Although we may value the opinions of others, the choice of what to do in our lives is ours and no one else’s.

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