Success -What Does It Mean To You?

Widows need something to focus on something beside their grief, to heal their broken hearts.  Success doesn’t have to be big, lots of money or fame.  Success can just be doing something that brings you joy.

Here are some characteristics that successful widows share:

  1.   They have specific goals for what they want to do next.
  2.   They take one step at a time on their goal, always staying focused.
  3.   These widows know what they want and have no fear.
  4.   They take care of themselves: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  5.   They surround themselves with people who want them to be successful.

I have never known a widow who has found her way, who was a loner.  Since we were children we have always needed social interaction and networking with others helps us to be successful.

Integrating the above characteristics into you life can help you succeed in whatever you seek to do.

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  1. Margaret A Iverson
    | Reply

    As a new widow of 3 weeks I agree that we have to move forward. Time is needed to work through grief, heartache and the tremendous changes in our lives. Widowhood is a solitary event. My most intimate relationship of 44 years is gone and it’s up to me to work threw all the sadness that comes with this. I will succeed BUT i don’t like it.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Dear Margaret – Success will come but first let grief have its time. We need to grieve before we can start healing. Take care. Mary Francis

    | Reply

    Just thought after a year my broken heart would heal a little and pain as strong as ever now. Lost my husband over a year ago after 43 years of marriage. Will never see the world as i use to. Everything in the world seemed so bright. Now i feel as though when i look at things i sm looking through a foggy glass. Cant seem to ever find the beauty again. I have to put my hope in the Lord! He is our strength!

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      I agree that putting your hope in the Lord will bring you strength and peace as your heart heals. Take care. Mary Francis

    • Jane
      | Reply

      Amen ..I am 8 months past and i have good days and bad days i miss my love so much….with my Lord I wouldn’t make it but He is faithful and He has a plan to prosper me and you and a plan for a hope and a future and plan for good and not for evil….

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