Rediscover Joy

As widows, I think we often deprive ourselves of things that can bring us joy, either because we don’t have time, we are working hard or we just don’t feel like we deserve it. It’s easy to forget that what the world says you can do does not limit what you actually can do.

Widows are hardworking and we learn on the go, so if you have an opportunity ahead of you that you are not prepared for, don’t worry. If you are ready to heal your broken heart and learn as you go, then don’t be afraid. You can adapt to any situation – widows have that unique ability and I’m thankful for that.

If you have something that you truly love, just do it. You’ll find so much joy. If you are feeling down, the number one thing is to give yourself permission to be exactly where you are and just feel what you are feeling. Life lends us disappointments and difficult moments, but find peace where you can – family, friends, God and the simple pleasures.

Know your worth by reminding yourself that you are worthy of joy.

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  1. sherry
    | Reply

    I know in my heart that he would want me to be happy and keep on living. Our wonderful memories forever remain in my heart; however it took me almost seven months just to put the radio on in the car. Please tell me that there is nothing wrong with giving away and/or donating his belongings. I have clothes he wore still in the closet and his dresser drawers and I also have items that he never even used in random places. I know they are only objects and nothing more, but for some reason I feel as if I let go of the items I am letting go of him. I tell myself that most of these items he never even used and I am a firm believer of out of sight out of mind. I, of course, will keep the cards and letters we sent and/or gave each other. Just please tell me there is nothing wrong with letting go of his belongings and I will see and feel even more joy in my life.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Sherry, there is nothing wrong with letting go of his belongings when you feel ready to do it. Some of Donnie’s things I gave away early but other things I kept far longer then I should have. I had his chain saw and golf clubs in the shed for years before I had the heart to give them away, but his clothes I gave away within the first month. Some ladies have lap quilts made out of their husbands T-shirts as keepsakes. As of today I only have a box of letters and cards that I have kept and a few little keepsakes that mean something to me. Everything else is gone and I’m okay with that. Do what feels right for you. Take care, Mary Francis

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