Widows Can Still Celebrate Life

The most important part of your day is the morning, because your day flows with what you focus on at the start of your day.

Take 30 minutes each morning to sit quietly and reflect on how your going to spend that day. Make no mistake, that day is only coming around once and when it’s finished you have one less day in your life – so spend it wisely by focusing on what you have to celebrate.

Your start of the day sets the tone for the whole day so prepare your mind for positive things to come your way.

As an exercise, imagine going through your day totally different from what you’re doing right now. Close your eyes, relax, smile and see the day ahead of you as though it were already a reality.

Widows have to grieve, but when it’s time we also have to start focusing on what we want our future to look like. Don’t accept whatever comes your way, but instead plan your day and spend it on what you want. After all you have only so many days, so spend them doing what really matters to you.

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