How Family and Friends Can Help A Widow

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Your family and friends want to help but they just don’t know what to say and do. Share this video as it tells them just what they need to do. Don’t assume that they will know without you telling them, most people are clueless when it comes to helping grieving widows.

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  1. Linda L.
    | Reply

    Thank You!! Mary Francis for The Sisterhood of Widows.. My husband passed away last year,Nov.2018….I came across The Sisterhood of Widows…You are on point on many of the topics you talk about, its been helpful for me…I realize & know I still have my Work cut out for me yet..It has been very challenging for me..I Pray alot and I follow your website/videos. I’m glad I found this!!!! Thank You, Again Mary😍💖
    Did you have audible books?

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Thank you Linda for your kind words of encouragement for my work. My book “The Sisterhood of Widows” is available as an audio book from my website. Take care, Mary Francis

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