Setbacks of Life

Widowhood has to be the biggest of all setbacks in life.  Everything in life flows out and in, everything has its rise and fall, the measure of the swing to the right and then to the left, but the loss of our loved ones is a real hard blow to take.

Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” observed that the greatest successes come on the heels of the biggest setbacks.

Of course, the principle works the other way as well.  If you have a victory, you can expect to experience a corresponding setback or difficulty.  That’s life!

When you suffer a setback in your life, it’s only natural to feel angry, frustrated and disappointed in life.  But don’t give up.  Remember life has a flow and you can come back to rebuild your future.

Yes, it will be difficult – Yes, it will be without your loved one – Yes, it will be totally different then what you had originally planned.

Believe as if miracles are possible, because having hope will not only motivate you to take small action steps, it will also keep you from giving up.

  1. Susie Peters-Komar
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    Mary Francis: You are such a special angel. After losing my husband last month, I am finding it hard to navigate, so these words really help.

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