New York Times Article About Grief and Cooking

July 8, 2019

Mary Francis,

I’m a food reporter at the New York Times, and I’m working on a story about grief and cooking. I’ve spoken to many bereavement counselors who have told me about the pain many of their patients face in cooking again after loss, learning to shop for one person, and dealing with over-flowing freezers full of meals cooked for two. I think this is an under-represented part of the grieving experience, and hope that writing a story about the subject will make some widows feel less alone in their culinary grieving.

If you have ever struggled with this (over-buying in the grocery store, having a hard time finding the joy in cooking, or something like that) and would be interested in sharing your story, please email me. Thank you!”



October 28, 2019

Mary Francis,

I hope you are well and enjoying your fall! I just wanted to let you know that the story has now published:

Thank you so much for helping me in the early stages — so many people reached out to me, and so many of their voices helped me shape this story.

If you want to share, I’d be grateful. Anything to make people feel less alone!

All my best,


October 28, 2019
It’s a great article about how grief affects how we cook and eat. Well written with lots of supporting links. I am honoured that I was of some assistance and will share it with my readers.
Take care, Mary Francis

  1. Cathy Esposito
    | Reply

    Today is Sunday, and Sunday’s were always a big family dinner day, my husband cooked on Sunday and I cooked during the week, I just got back from the grocery store and just got so sad trying to shop just for me as well as coming to grips again that the holidays are coming, this will be my 3rd without Clem here, I thought by the 3rd year I would be better and in some respects I am but today feeling very sad and lonely. So this article hit home with me, food and grief one of my “big” struggles every day since he left me.

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