Widows Sharing Their Genuine Emotions

Grieving is hard and so for self-protection we put up a wall around our frail feelings.  We insulate ourselves and in time it makes us feel even more numb.

When you understand your grief and your emotional journey, you won’t feel the need to be so guarded.  You can be open to other people and to your future.

We want to be known and accepted, but we all harbour secret doubts about ourselves.  Part of accepting our grief is allowing people to know us and our genuine emotions.

You have to let some people know you are scared, sad, angry or emotionally drained.  Discretion about whom you choose to share your genuine emotions with is important, but if you cannot expose some of your emotions to others you block genuine relationships and trust in others, in both your personal and work life.

No matter how independent we think we are, we still want to fit in.  We are all afraid of being judged negatively.  But as you become more genuine in your emotional expression, people’s perceptions of you will change.

There may be a period of adjustment while others get used to you being real.  But in the end, you’ll find that being real will allow others to reciprocate and you will grow closer to them as a result.

So, if you have been living a life of emotional denial or numbness, or even just a little too much of wearing a mask to hide your feelings, hopefully you are now willing to entertain the possibility of living differently, of expanding the range of emotions you allow  into your life.  This will make it possible for you to also open yourself to receive genuine emotions from others.

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