The Mel Robbins Show on “Cat Fished”

Widows are targeted online by scammers because we are often lonely and lost – it is called “cat fished”.

I follow Mel Robbins and her “5 second rule” and was watching her show, episode # 45 when I learned all about this subject.

I had never heard of the phrase “cat fished” before and was surprised at just how many widows fall victim to these scammers.  But then again, it should be no surprise because I have widows coming to me often about meeting men online and their worries as to being scammed.

Many widows do meet nice men online and not all men are out to deceive us or scam us out of our money.  But, we are vulnerable when grieving.  It’s a lonely world out there without our husbands and we would love to have someone to talk to, someone to share our daily stories with.  We just need to be super careful because this isn’t some local man that your friend knows and is trying to match you up with.  This is the world of the internet where stolen identifications are used to hide behind and lies are easily told.

The first and main lesson – if they ever ask for money, even $40.00 dollars, then they are probably not who they tell you they are.

Second lesson – double check their information by going into Google and doing a “reverse image search” of their image.  You can find out more on how to do this by asking Google for instructions.

Please take the time to watch The Mel Robbins Show, episode # 45 as it explains this issue in far deeper detail than I can.

As always I wish you happiness on your journey, so please be safe and aware, especially while on the internet.

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