How Well Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

How well are you taking care of yourself now that you are a widow?  It’s easy to deceive ourselves in this area, so let’s look a little closer at our lives.

Make a list of where the percentage of our time is spent:

Exercise                    Reading

Recreation                Meditation

Religion/ Prayer        Self Improvement

Friendships               Staying home alone

Fun                            Outside / Sun / Walking

Volunteer                    Hobbies

Television                    Internet

Look at your percentages – are you balanced in your life?  The worries and fears that hold us back also keep us un-balanced.  The only way to take care of ourselves is to name our fears and claim responsibility for what action steps we need to take.

Play the “what if?” game with the goal of becoming a more balanced and happy person.  Write out your “what if?” question, then write out at least one honest, real-world answer to your question.  Describe in detail what would happen and what you could do about it.

“What if I walked twenty minutes after supper every night?”

“What if I read one self-improvement book a month?”

“What if I called up an old friend for coffee this week?”

“What if I limited my T.V. and internet to three hours a day?”

This is your life, your choice of action steps and “what if” questions may surprise you, and heal your broken heart in more ways than you ever thought possible.

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