Holidays Making You a Broke Widow?

Unfortunately when you became a widow, your finances may have taken a big hit.  Now Christmas is coming and after years of happy Christmas giving, you’re stressed with worry about how to continue when you are struggling with just paying your monthly bills.

Instead of trying to buy that special gift and being in the shopping malls when you’re tired and stressed – pick out one gift card for each family.  To make them special, take the time to write out a thoughtful note to go with the gift card.  You may be surprised to find that people want practical things and a gift card allows them to pick up something that the whole family can use.

Years ago my sister, Jane, gave me a “blessing jar” and I’ve never forgotten it.  Jane had taken the time to write out 365 loving messages and positive quotes on small coloured pieces of paper.  They were in a pretty jar and everyday that New Year, I was blessed to start my day by picking out one of her small slips of paper.  Never underestimate what personalized pick-me-up notes mean to the receiver.

Or you may want to give them an experience with you.  Maybe a day trip doing something together in the New Year or a family movie pass where you can create new memories with them.  It can be a Christmas card with a note like – “My gift is a day together in the New Year and it’s a surprise treat!”  You can do something easy on the budget, like attending a free concert and lunch out or visit some local sites like a tourist.  This helps spread your Christmas budget over several months and memories made are truly priceless.

Decide who on your gift list doesn’t need a present to feel loved and valued, and let them know that you are making a donation instead to a charity in their name.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that as a widow, you know better than anyone that stuff is just that “stuff”, but memories last forever.  So. lessen your stress by giving the most valuable gift of all – new memories!

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