Widows Don’t Have To Follow Traditions

Widows know more than anyone that things have changed.  Yes, they have changed and some traditions are no longer possible or even wanted without our loved ones.

Don’t feel guilty if you want to stop or change some traditions.  If you’re tired of eating the traditional holiday menu, then feel free to experiment with some new recipes.  Relax and be creative with confidence that the meal doesn’t have to be the same or perfect.  What really matters is that everyone is together – there are a lot of lonely people that don’t have family or friends that care about them.

Some families even decide to go out as a family to eat, and don’t even try to make it the same as in the past.

It’s okay to streamline your holiday calendar and limit your social time.  You’re free to say no to some of the offers out that you receive, just be sure to not leave them hanging and do it early.

If you have always brought gifts but now choose to give gift cards or donate in their name, then do so.  Maybe in the future, you will go back to gift shopping, but that choice is totally up to you.

I know that your holiday season is never going to be the same, but you can make some new traditions while still honoring your past.

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