The Power of Christmas Music

We have listened to Christmas music our whole life and nearly every culture has its own musical traditions to celebrate their holidays.

Music brings us together in song and dance, rituals and memories that hold our hearts.  It also brings us both peace and pain of loss as we grieve.  True, it is a way to pass down our traditions to the next generation, but it’s hard to do it without our loved ones beside us.

Holiday music is so powerful because its tied to family, warm gatherings, special foods, gifts, cooking and love.  Widows struggle with the happy memories of past holidays combined with their new reality of being on their own.

Instead of letting the holiday music deepen your grief, let it be a powerful healing tool.  Music can not only honor our loved ones past holidays, it can be a bridge to your future.  It is a fundamental way of expressing our humanity, improving our mood and behavior, and it is often our best medicine during the holidays.

So for me this holiday season, I will listen to the music from my past and remember what I valued and loved, without forgetting what I still have to enjoy during this season.

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