A Widow’s Christmas Day

I don’t know if you’re spending today with your family, close friends, neighbours or just having a quiet day by yourself.  But what I do know is that without a doubt you are missing your loved one.

Some of your dreams, desires, passions and plans died with them.  But a new future will unfold faster than you think, a future you either just let happen or a future that you create.  Yes, a few of your go-for-it goals may take some time.  But, have faith that your broken heart will still heal.

Yes, this Christmas share your memories and honor all the love you were blessed to have had.  But understand this, your life is not yet over.  Some of the best things in life are still out there for you.  A smile is still a treasure, a hug is a precious gift, a kind word can make all the difference and hope is still the light at the end of your grief.

We often over think the gift of “joy”.  We think that it is some where out there and we have to search for it.  But it’s always within our reach.  This Christmas open your heart to the blessings each new day brings. Believe me when I say that your broken heart will heal with every blessing that you take into your life.

So, from my home to yours, may God bless you with a Christmas of peace and love.   Mary Francis

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