A Widow’s New Year

It’s a mistake to think that a New Year is an automatic fresh start and that your grief will just lessen by magic.

Grief has to have its time, it needs to be spoken of, seen and felt so that it can heal.  Some times, you will be down on your knees with pain, loneliness and even anger.  When that happens to me, I stop my fear and anger by simply praying to God, Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd” – this will always be my go to in times of worry.

Though things are rough in the moment, it won’t always be this hard.  Find something to hold onto, something to help lift you up so you can keep fighting.  Don’t let grief numb your feelings to the point that you start wearing a mask of “I’m okay”, when you’re not.

This New Year is for you.  You have to love yourself first.  Focus on finding yourself, so you can learn to live in your own skin.  Start by some positive self talk, “I will not give up, I’m worth this life and I’m going to keep trying to improve, no matter what.”

You are made to be alive with gratefulness and you deserve respect – especially from yourself.

May this New Year bring you peace, and clarify your vision as you create a future where you can be happy once again.


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  1. sherry
    | Reply

    My grief is worse on this New Years day as tomorrow marks a year since my wonderful Mike passed away. I have been doing everything I can to keep on going, but with today being right before his first year I felt as if I was walking in a fog. I have heard from many people who have lost their other half that the second year is the hardest and by God I hope not because I feel as if it cant get any worse. I do refuse to give up and I am going to keep on going, but today was for certain not an okay type of day.
    I do hope you all had a wonderful or at least a better New Year then I did. Hope our 2020 is good for all of us

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Dear Sherry – Holidays and special events are hard on us widows. Our broken hearts take time to heal and there is nothing wrong with you. You are a strong woman and you will heal, but first your heart needs to have its grieving time. Take care, Mary Francis

  2. Eileen
    | Reply

    I buried my husband on the 20th dec 2019. Just went back to work today. It is hard but taking it hour by hour. Can’t get myself to cook or do washing.

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