Giving Away Our Husband’s Stuff

YouTube Video for Widows by Mary Francis – Getting Rid of Stuff

It’s time to clean up all the stuff we have around that is cluttering up our space. For widows it’s even harder because we have our husbands stuff to deal with.


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  1. Sylvia B Jones Faircloth
    | Reply

    Broken, shattered, pieces of our lives lie.
    When you unexpectedly was called to die.
    Where do I get the strength?The will to put back together what has left me a Widow.I’m alone and in a class of Widowhood.
    Words only contain a fragment of my pain.To be frank, it doesn’t seem fair.One day you here, the next your not.It doesn’t make sense to be understood.I am now in Widowhood.
    The longing, yearning, to hear your voice, your gentle touch, your embrace, your warm lips.Holding me close, and whispering sweet nothing’s in my ear.How do I manage without your presence, reminding me we are one.I’m waking up to.Now we’re done.Widowhood.
    I’m in disbelief, shocked beyond measure.You are my spouse, You are my treasure.I’ve come to the place of It’s hard.The days, weeks, months, and years.All we have is a bucket of tears.Widowhood.
    I know your watching over me.
    Your the Angel that we cannot see.I’m holding tight every memory, every thought,every laughter, every cry, every hug and all that we embraced.I know if you had a choice, you would not have left me in such a rush.No goodbyes, no touch,or whispers of I love you.I’m calling on Peace be still.My grief is real.Please help me with how I feel as grieve through this thing called Widowhood.
    Friends, Family and loved ones.I need you all to know.I’ve lost my love and it will show.We’ve been together for very long, and our bond is superstrong.Don’t try to figure me out, just be the ear that listens,be the eye that sees when I can’t see my way.Be the voice when I need you to pray.Be the shoulder to lean on.When you’ve sensed that things are wrong.Be the light to a new song.There are days that may be very hard that’s ahead of me.Harder and harder to get out of the bed.This is Widowhood.
    Dr.Sylvia Jones Faircloth

  2. Cheryl
    | Reply

    Thank you. For me I became a widow two years five months ago quite suddenly in our sleep. My sister lost her husband also suddenly. Our mom had time to prepare herself and our dad actually cleaned his clothes out before passing. Now my mom wants to know when I’m going to get rid of my husbands clothes. I actually thought I was doing good when I asked my sister in law if she wanted some of her brothers clothes. She said yes and what little I could part with I have. Before two years passed I cleaned out his dresser and put the clothes in the trunk of my car. They are still there. I made myself a promise to make a quilt out of his T-shirts’ and they are still waiting to be used. Thinking about cleaning a room out that was his main closet makes my heart beat faster. My sister gets it. How can I help my mom see this is hard. I was married to this man over half my life. We had 26 years married and just even knowing each other. It was a whirlwind romance. Now I while being very self sufficient feel very lost without him.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      You’re Mom handled his clothes etc. as she was comfortable doing it and you should follow that example and do it when it is comfortable for you. You don’t need to explain yourself. This is your grief journey and no explanations are necessary.

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