How To Make New Friends

As widows we often lose our couple friends and so we need to make some new friends.

The secret to new friendships, lies in our ability to get their point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from our own.

  • Become genuinely interested in others.
  • Smile
  • Remember their name, to them it is the sweetest word.
  • Be a good listener and encourage them to talk.
  • Talk about what matters to them.
  • Make them feel that their interests matter.
  • Show respect for their opinions.

If you want to make friends, put yourself out to do things for them – things that require time, energy and thoughtfulness.  It’s true that to have friends you must first be a friend.  If all you do is bring your needs into the relationship, friends will soon fade away.

Where do you find these friends, you ask?  Join a book or walking club, take a course, learn a musical instrument, join an outdoor club of some kind or pick up an old hobby with others.  Get out of the house, because you can’t meet new friends if you stay in all the time.

Join the world and don’t over think this.





3 Responses

  1. A. B. Tsylor
    | Reply

    When is iit time to begin removing the “sit around” pictures of us togethet?

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      When you feel like you are ready try one picture. Replace it with something special that you will enjoy looking at. Or leave your pictures as they are. It is personal choice. Take care, Mary Francis

  2. Bridget
    | Reply

    Some very good ideas for making friends, which we all need. One thing that worked for me is joining a bereavement group (mine was at church, but hospice also has them). There were several nice ladies in the same sad situation as I am.

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