Can Men and Women Be Friends Only?

I mean can they hang out together – without sex??

I think they can, but a “man” friendship is different because men think of friends in a different way then women do.

Widows think of friends as those people to whom they bare their inner most thoughts and feelings.  The hallmark of women friendships is intimacy in sharing.

Men on the other hand think of friends as people to do things with rather than share things with.  Instead, men save their intimacy for that special woman in their life.

Sex may be an interesting under current in your friendship, but acting on it would risk the friendship as you know it.

Some men and women can mix friendship with sexual pleasure, but most can not.  Sex can confuse and change a friendship forever.  It can even cause the end of the friendship so be sure of what you want before you risk it.

  1. Theresa Duncan
    | Reply

    This is very good advice. I saw a widower friend through his worst grief, as much as he would let me. He has been somewhat distant in my grief, but recently my daughter noticed a change in him toward me. She thinks he has feelings for me. At first I was shocked and scared. Now, I am learning to just recognize the signs and know that, at least for now, I am not interested in more than friendship. This post helps me be strong in that choice. Thank you.

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