Companionship for Widows

It’s a fact, women are outliving men and therefore the women of today are spending a good portion of their lives as widows.

Stats show that fewer than one in ten widows marry again.  Well meaning friends may tell you that you’ll get married again, as if that will solve all your problems.  But you know better.

Marriage is just another option.  Think about it, work your way through it and make sure any decision you make is perfect for you and any children you still have living at home.  Think about whether you want to risk your emotions and your life style on another marital venture or should you keep it light and for companionship/friends only.

It takes a while to get used to being a single woman again, no longer a wife.  Perhaps that is one reason why widows, even though they are lonely, hold out before taking that first giant step into another relationship.

If and when a widow starts seeing other men, she must overcome a feeling of disloyalty.  She has no one left to be faithful to, and that is a disconcerting realization.  It isn’t always a sexual feeling, it’s the human need to be loved, comforted and just hugged.

In the end, you have to give yourself permission to behave according to what makes you most comfortable, whether it’s celibacy or not.  You are the one you have to live with, so take your time and don’t rush your grief.


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