12 Questions Every Widow Should Ask

How much do you know and understand about you, “the widow”?

I feel duty bound to mention that getting to know yourself is one of life’s most thrilling and worthwhile endeavors.

Spend some time with these questions and I promise you will discover some interesting things about yourself.

  1. Do I feel at peace in my home or is it time to consider moving?
  2. What should I do today that is new for me?
  3. Do I know where my money is spent?
  4. Do I have enough fun?
  5. Do I have enough friends?
  6. Do I enjoy my own company?
  7. Am I waiting for my real life to start?
  8. Do I let myself feel my feelings?
  9. Do I see myself as others see me?
  10. Am I ready for whatever comes next?
  11. Am I overthinking things?
  12. Have I made peace with myself?

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