Do Widows Have Enough Fun?

This seems like an odd question for a widow to ask herself, but fun is necessary to heal her broken heart.

Fun feeds our soul and you must have it.  But by forcing it you may miss the whole point of what fun is.

The best fun, is natural and comes from the moment.  Fun isn’t just the activity, it is the spontaneity and willingness to be open to where it leads you.

We must make room in our spirit for fun, whenever it shows up in our lives.

Widows find having fun difficult to do.  It doesn’t feel right when grieving and we feel judged by others if we laugh too loud or enjoy ourselves too much.  It is as if having fun is a reflection on how much or little we loved our husbands!

But we have to get past that, because we didn’t and shouldn’t let our spirit of fun die with them.  Laughter and fun is a sign of life and to do them is to live fully.

Please understand that it is not a betrayal of those you have loved and lost if you heal your wounds, move forward with your life, and find peace – and yes, fun and laughter for yourself.

  1. Judi Welch
    | Reply

    I agree. I worried about smiling on my holiday card in a photo with my grandkids taken two months after my husband Tom died.

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