Spring Cleaning

It may be time to revaluate everything in the house while spring cleaning.  Find out what, if anything, your children want and give it to them or save it for them.  For the rest, sell or give away what you don’t use or want.

Things you have been saving for your old age together, are no longer needed.  Life is different now and as your lifestyle changes, so does your needs.

You are becoming a different person, a single person.  We live in such a materialistic age and accumulate because it was on sale, it suits a room, a specific purpose or just for retail therapy.

After Donnie’s death I began to divest myself of some of my stuff.  My kids didn’t want much so I made a lot of trips to donation spots.  Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of keeping stuff you don’t need or use.  You won’t get much for second hand stuff, but your load will be lighter – mentally and physically.

Keep your memories, but by all means move forward where you can.

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