Is Your Grief Out Of Control?

To be alive in this world, means that at some point you will be touched by grief.  Death affects everyone and no one can anticipate the emotional and spiritual agony, even if you think you’re prepared – your not!

Your life can seem to lose its meaning and your sense of self-worth diminishes.  The sadness and loneliness you feel may seem to consume all your energy.  And to make it worse, your chance of developing a serious illness can be many times higher than normal after your spouse’s death.

Believe it or not, the act of grieving can be an avenue for personal growth.  Feel your grief because grief is not meant to be a passive experience.

Grief is natural, it is not an illness and it is an intensely personal experience.  One of the great discoveries you will make is that the one person you can truly count on is YOU.  You are the one in control – you are the one who can turn the pain of your loss into a part of your life where you can honor your memories.

Loss is a natural part of life, and it will be felt more then once in your life time.  It will influence all areas of your life for much longer then you realize.  Don’t avoid the hurt, pain and loneliness.  Instead acknowledge that they are there and seek ways to manage how they are affecting your present life.  Don’t let your future just happen, take an active role and plan your life.  After all if you don’t care enough, who will?

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