How Do You See Yourself?

As a widow you may not be saying nice things to yourself. Try looking at yourself in a full length mirror.  Slowly take in your appearance from top to bottom – now compliment yourself.

Look for ten specific things you physically love about your face and body.  Yes – you can do this!  I love my hair color, eyes, legs and toes; whatever you see.  Speak your compliments out loud for yourself to hear.

Now find ten specific things about your personality and your values that you admire about yourself.  I love that I was a good wife, caring mother, talented cook, compassionate friend and the list continues.  Feel proud of who you are and it will show in how you carry yourself.

Do this every morning and every night – believe what you say, because it’s the truth!!

When you look in the mirror, reframe how you describe yourself – my legs are powerful as they carry me on my walks, my arms are strong as I hold my grandchild, my hips are womanly, and my hair is thick and healthy, etc.

Repeat:  “I am what I am, and I am a wonderfully made woman”.

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