Widows Still Can Celebrate Life

A widow’s world could be so much more than just the grief.  I trust in a Higher Power greater than myself, because I could never have imagined my life as it is today.  If left to myself my world would be small and very boring.

Widows have to open themselves to the dreams and passions that the Higher Power has for them.  Having said that, the dream just doesn’t happen – you need to believe enough in it to take the necessary action steps.

As a widow your job now is to discover what course you want to take moving forward.  You have to quiet yourself down and listen to your inner voice.  You will find it when you are at peace and are happy in what you’re doing – when it fills you up instead of draining you of all your energy.

Set a course – your true calling will give you happiness, inner peace and self confidence.  It doesn’t mean that your journey will go a straight line but at least you will have set a course for who you believe yourself to be.

Don’t focus on fear, insecurity, loneliness and stress.  Instead, turn your gaze to the changes you want to make, because focusing on what you want brings positive attention to it.

Sometimes you have to go through the pain before you can find the joy in life again.  When your ready start setting a course and be willing to move towards it.

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  1. Geraldine DiPalma
    | Reply

    My husband passed away on Feb 9th in Florida but the funeral services were held later on Feb 27th. I had a great deal of family and friend support then but now I’m back home in Florida. I do have some support but actually prefer to be alone so this quarantine is not upsetting to me. I prefer to be by myself but some family members – my daughter in law specifically (side note she is married to my step son) is a bit taken back by my solitude – how do I deal with this?
    There are many underlying reasons for my distance as well – that’s another story
    I’m not sure this is the correct group to share this with but I do want to move on and explore who I am and be true to myself
    Thank you for any advice

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Hi Geraldine. Sorry for your loss. A more private place to discuss this and get advice from other widows is in Facebook “The Sisterhood of Widows – Private Group for Widows Only” No one sees the posting except for the members. Meanwhile you are grieving and don’t need to do anything that you don’t want to do. It’s time for some self care and putting yourself first. Starting May 1st 2020 I am putting my Workbook “Restore-Rebalance-Rejuvenate” on my YouTube channel as a free resource and you may find that helpful. Take care and be safe, Mary Francis

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