What’s Life All About?

The older we get the more we tend to rely on some version of spirituality.  Over half of all seniors aged 75 and over say that their spiritual beliefs help them to understand life’s difficulties and find meaning in their lives.  I suspect the same is true for widows.

Only some of the widows may attend religious services, but they all use some form of practice to replenish their spiritual energy.

There are many techniques, including a daily recall of three to five things in your life for which you are grateful.  By practising gratitude for what we have, we should be able to stay positive and optimistic, despite being aware of the negative aspects of life.

Although most widows enjoy good mental health, as many as 20 percent of them suffer mild to severe depression.  In some cases medical treatment is recommended, but meditation is also gaining acceptance as a proactive practice for good mental health.

There are many books out there as practice guides for using mindfulness meditation to face stress, pain, illness and yes even grief.  The widows who become satisfied with life and heal are those who have found meaningful experiences and ways to give back to others.

A full life is finding something you believe in and have a passion for.  Sometimes it’s as simple as grandchildren or volunteering.  Don’t drop out of life because your not married anymore.  There are many reasons to live fully – keeping physically active, connecting with others and being mentally stimulated are necessary to the healing of your broken heart.

With increase age comes the question, “What will I do with the rest of my life?”  We didn’t plan for the fact that we would be widows and be on our own.  But, life isn’t fair and it is what it is – So what is your life all about moving forward?

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