You’re A Thief – Covid 19

I am writing this for everyone that has lost a loved one to the virus Covid-19.

Some blame the workplace, or point their fingers at those that didn’t follow the guidelines, others the authorities for their poor decisions, but I know who the thief is.

You came into my family and stole what wasn’t yours, more precious then gold and unreplaceable, but I know who the thief is.

You stole away my family and friends so that I would have no support.  No celebration of life, no hugs, no love, but I know who the thief is.

You robbed me of my final goodbye.  No holding of their hand, no saying “I love you” for that one last time.  But I know who the thief is.

You can not hide your evilness from me. I know who the thief is.

You can change your appearance and travel to distant places, but you will never be able to hide, because I know who the thief is.

Covid-19, you and only you are to blame, there is no sense trying to hide behind others.  I know who the thief is.


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  1. Suzanne Conti
    | Reply

    I lost my beloved husband on May 4th due to C-19. We were together 40 years and so in-sink we would think & say the same thing at the same time. I feel so lost. so heart broken. So Lonely. No closure, (as if there really is closure) When I cry speaking to my sister, she says she understands, they says ” stiffer upper lip” – SERIOUSLY
    No Funeral , No burial, people staying away and I’m feeling like I have the plague
    I shut down and don’t want to be around anyone.
    Can’t stop crying

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Hi Suzanne. The truth is that I would be more concerned if you didn’t cry so don’t stop expressing your grief. It may make others uncomfortable but your broken heart needs to share it’s pain. Take care and be safe, Mary Francis

  2. Diane
    | Reply

    Suzanne, I can’t imagine what you are going through. You have been through so much. The saddest thing about Covid-19 is that you cannot have a physical goodbye. Your sister does not understand, but thinks that she is helping you. Everything is so hard now for the people who have lost someone. (Just remember that people mean well, but until they have gone through it, have no idea.)

    I got to say goodbye to my husband 9 years ago, although he was in a coma. That was hard enough.

    Most importantly, please take care of yourself and seek a grief counselor. (I know it helped me.)

    My husband is with me in spirit and I really think that yours is too.

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