Be Like A Child

Grief robs us of our joy, our interest in life and our future as we knew it.  To get this back we need to be like a child.

  1. Be curious like a child. They ask a million questions.  They want to learn and grow
  2. Learn to be excited like a child. There is nothing quite like the magic of a child’s excitement – think Christmas morning. If you’re too old to get excited, you’re old. Period.
  3. Have the faith of a child. They believe that they can get anything, while we have a tendency to be cynical.
  4. Trust in others, children naturally trust in the good of others.

The great challenge in all of this is that to have more in life, you need to become more.  The major difference is what you Do and Believe.  It’s amazingly simple – when we start becoming more ourselves, everything else will begin to change around us.

Death and grief are not reserved for the poor and uneducated or rich and well educated. In the final analysis, it is what we choose to do that matters – so take some time to be like a child.

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