Widows Can Overcome Their Fears

As widows, to build our self-esteem we need to overcome our fears. Every time we overcome a new challenge it gives us even more confidence and if there is anything we need more of its confidence in ourselves.

Our future is no longer a shared journey and it can be fearful going alone on our own.  But please don’t let fear stop you from living a full life.

Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Don’t fear failing – you fail only if you don’t try.  You have something worth sharing in this world.  Every widow has special gifts and talents, but not everyone overcomes their fears to find their gifts.  Don’t let your fears keep you stuck where you are.  The reality is 95% of our fears will never come to be.

Just by living in the “present” way of life, you’ve already eliminated a high percentage of worry about a future that can lead to fear of the unknown.  Setbacks just show what changes need to be made to bring you one step closer to what you want.

You can go for it.  As self-esteem builds up – fear breaks down.

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  1. sherry snyder
    | Reply

    thank you so much for these words of advice. I cannot say that I am afraid but there are many things that do concern me such as repairs or making a decision, but I keep his voice inside my head when I am doing things and it often times helps. Basically it is as if I am talking myself thru whatever that task may be. This group has been helping me so far thru this journey. Thank you so much

  2. Sherry Andre
    | Reply

    These are good words/advice. I, too, get concerned with things like making repairs, especially with my cars. He was always my rock. He made most things better. While he was sick, he said he would take “small victories” so I keep saying that to myself…small victories. But as I read this – I realized I have let fear hold me back many times with things that I wanted to do. I need to take a long, hard look at that.

  3. Caryn Rosen
    | Reply

    Thank you for addressing fear as you get used to living alone. I really needed that message.

  4. Caryn Rosen
    | Reply

    Thank you for addressing fear as you get used to living alone. I really needed that message. I never said this before, because I just
    read it.

    • Suzanne Lamoureux
      | Reply

      I too talk myself through difficult tasks that yes can cause fear. As I accomplish more I feel stronger. Not all the way there yet but better than a year ago.

  5. Caryn Rosen
    | Reply

    You never accept my comments. You always say I said that before.

  6. Caryn R. Rosen
    | Reply

    Every time I add a comment I get the message that I said that already and it is disgarded.

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