Widows Building Emotional Strength

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You may have a greater sense of well-being than some widows who have suffered a severe trauma or on the opposite side, widows who have experienced no trauma at all. But without a doubt as a widow, if you have still endured adversity in your lifetime.

The good news is that you can grow emotionally without suffering from adversities.

  1. The heart of resilience is having self-control.  This can be learned by taking something like yoga where you are able to calm yourself.
  2. Learn to recognize signs that natural stress has begun (sweaty palms, anger, racing heart-beat, are a few signs).
  3. When you recognize stress signs, you might take deep breaths – inhaling for five seconds, then exhaling for five seconds while thinking about the last time you felt peaceful.
  4. You can build confidence in your strengths by remembering past setbacks and how you positively handled them.

I have built my own emotional strength by being grateful for the whole journey of my life – not just everything that I wanted, but also those things that I never wanted.

I have learned to smile inside myself when things go wrong.  The twists and turns of my life have brought me to the place where I can seek something greater than myself.

No matter where you are on your grief journey, I know that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.  Remember – there is a whole lot of living left to do.

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