Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law states “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong”.  This negative way of thinking may cause us widows to expect the worst life has to offer.

Unfortunately when we expect a bad situation with someone or something, it often turns out that way because we unconsciously think and behave in ways to fit our expectations.  The good news is that when we think and expect the best, we usually reap positive results.

Scientists have known for a long time that our expectations affect the way we behave and that the way we behave affects how other people relate to us.

Let us focus on this thought: imagining that joy, abundance and happiness in one way or another will bring positive aspects to us.

Fearful thoughts can bring stressful situations into our lives.  We can get stuck in a fearful way of living because our past life didn’t work out as we had planned.  Our past hurts and disappointments do not have to determine our future, unless we let it.

Change your “murphy’s law” to “Whatever can go right will go right” and set back to receive your blessings.  At the very least, positive expectations will open your eyes to the possibilities that are still out there.

  1. Sherry Andre
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    Thank you for these encouraging words. This was helpful for m today.

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