The Anger Stage

Your feelings as a widow are very real, and it is important to be able to express them in a real way.  This is not the time to tell yourself that because you are a lady, or a certain age, or follow a certain religion, that you shouldn’t be feeling angry.

Anger within a widow that goes unrecognized, unadmitted, and untouched becomes an unwanted resident that will soon affect every aspect of her life.  Widows, please recognize that it is okay if you are angry.  Just don’t stay there!

Grieving takes time and many of us travel through stages of anger and depression before arriving at the ultimate destination of acceptance.  Don’t give up hope.  You may even back track just when you think you have a handle on your anger and grief.

To survive your loss, it is important to understand that you have suffered a complete life change and that you will fluctuate between emotions.

Please understand that the anger and stress you are experiencing is completely normal.  Embrace your feelings at this time.  You must let yourself grieve before you can heal.


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