8 Questions Every Widow Should Ask

How well do you know the deepest parts of “you”?  As a widow, getting to know yourself is one of life’s most thrilling and worthwhile endeavors and the only true path to a whole hearted life.

  1. Is there enough natural sunlight and beauty in my home to soothe and inspire me?


  1. Do I have to do everything right? Answer should be NO – and you don’t have to compare, because comparing is the death of happiness.


  1. Do I have enough money? Every one differs to their needs, beyond the basic roof and food requirements.  Maybe “enough money” is defined best as to whether you can accumulate experiences and things that will make you better, happier, more whole.


  1. Do I have enough fun? You need it, but over planning can kill your joy.  How do we recapture the fun of our childhood – by being in the moment, ready and willing?  Fun is about spontaneity.  It finds us when we are ready to make room for it.


  1. Do I have enough friends? To have friends, you must first be a friend.  Friendships are a two-way street and if you hide at home and refuse to answer their calls, friends will feel dumped.  Please pay attention to your friendships.


  1. Do I enjoy my own company? The longest relationship you will have with anyone is with yourself.  Maintain it by treating yourself as you would a good friend.


  1. Do I “feel” my feelings? No one gets to block out the bad stuff without also losing the good.  When you refuse to feel pain, you risk feeling it forever.


  1. How to others see me? We may never really know, but I’m certain that we are our own worst critics.  Most people are too busy considering their own imagined deficiencies even to notice ours.  And if they do, they don’t normally care so give yourself some self-kindness, by practicing your imperfections and not sweating the small stuff.

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