Sleep On Your Problems

Widows have problems – big and little problems that have to be dealt with.

Many of the solutions come to us out of nowhere, when we are thinking of something else and even when we are sleeping.

There is a technique known as “incubating” where we review the problem we want to solve as we are falling asleep.  Then we drift off to sleep and let our subconscious go to work on our problem.

If we place our dilemmas, quandaries, and problems in our subconscious and let it work when we are relaxed, we will discover that the incubating technique works very well.

As you mull over your problems and the decisions to be made, consider the following:

  1. Write out 5 problems.  Pick one to focus on and commit to solving it this week.


  1. What needs to happen to make this problem go away?


  1. Is it possible that someone might be able to help you with your problem?


Now turn out the light and let your mind “incubate”.   Make sure you have paper and pen beside your bed so that if you wake up with an idea you can immediately write it down.  If not you may find that your perfect idea, that you are sure you will remember, will slip through your consciousness and be lost.

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