Sound Therapy for Grief Relief

There are a lot of things out there for pain relief – physically and mentally.  Widows benefit from being open minded and exploring different therapies for grief relief.

Do your own research on “sound therapy” which employs the concept of resonance, or the natural state of vibration in objects as a healing tool.  They are used to stimulate brain waves, helping to trigger relaxation, a key element in our body’s healing process.

Not all therapies work for all widows, but many do find healing through relaxing meditations called “sound baths” with various instruments for widows suffering from anxiety, chronic pain and grief.

Much like meditation, a “sound bath” begins by laying still and focusing on breathing.  Then to reach a more meditative state you listen to the sounds coming from bowls, gongs and tuning forks.

Other unique sounds proven to heal are:  Tibetan Singing bowls are low-frequency that leads to deep relaxation.  Natural “music” like birds, brooks, wind in the trees etc. raise your feel good vibes.

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