Who’s on Your Gratitude List?

On the road of life, we encounter plenty of speed bumps, including the loss of our loved ones. That is why over the years we need to pay even more attention to who we should be thankful for.

Sit for a moment and think about who deserves your thanks.  Chances are there will be some worthy recipients, but dig a bit deeper and you might discover some less obvious people.

Our heart is the center of our intelligence. To help our heart heal – look around and see what you need to be grateful for.  No matter the situation you find yourself in, any bit of thankfulness is guaranteed to do your inner self some good.

I’ve learned that love doesn’t end with their death.  It lives on.  Even if it’s painful to remember our past, we must because there are good memories still there to honor.

All everyone wants to know is that they are not invisible.  And that validation can come from anyone: you, me, a sales clerk, a family member or friend.

The written “thank you” note is an endangered act.  Considering how good we feel when we get one, it’s amazing how bad we get at sending them.  “Thank you” notes let them know that you received their gift, valued their support or encouragement.  Use them to say on paper what you may be too shy to say in person.

Try this: send a bunch of thank you notes to everyone who has made your life better in the past year: your friends, neighbor, dentist, doctor, family, the list is endless.

If possible handwrite your “thank you” note unless your writing is completely illegible.  Start by mentioning whatever you have received and then explain why you appreciate it so much.

An email “thank you” is also a good thing, but some personal sentiments are better served by a hand written note.

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