The Beautiful Widow

Okay, maybe to some people I am not beautiful, but I’ve discovered I can choose not to be an invisible widow.

How can I do this, you ask?  I’ve got something no one can take away from me.  It has taken time and big doses of life smacking me down to learn the secret.

I’m sixty three and have been widowed since I was fifty.  See the lines, especially the ones around the corners of my eyes?  They show my life and speak of laughter, especially at myself.  The wrinkles are honestly earned and not to be denied.  But my smile is wide and nothing is as beautiful as my joy with family and friends.

If you look deeply into my eyes you will notice that I have seen births, deaths, failure and success.

My eyes show wisdom and if you look closely you will see my secret, which is that wisdom and humor (what I know is part of my soul) can survive grief and age.  That’s it – I am beautiful just as I am and the scars of life only add to my beauty.

We can learn from one another, and there’s comfort in knowing that other widows have felt the same way we have.  There is so much wisdom to be gained from other widows, who are celebrating life with vibrancy, vigor and grace.  These widows are beautiful because they know who they are.

Your beauty comes from the perspective and wisdom of paying attention to your life.  Slow down to see, really see, that every day holds within it the gift of embracing this crazy world through the eyes of faith and hope.

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  1. Crystal Weld
    | Reply

    Thank you for that, as always! I’m so grateful for this site❤️

  2. Gail
    | Reply

    Just found your site and hope to check in regularly. My husband died during a “routine MRI” in January of this year. It has been the most awful year of my life. I am still getting up everyday and I am proud of such a small accomplishment everyday.

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