Questions Widows Should Ask Their Doctor

With all that we widows have on our plates, we sometimes let our health go, especially if we had been care givers.  But widows that are on their own and have no one to share their worries with, need to pay attention to their health.

It’s more important than ever to keep an open line of communication between you and your doctor.  Here are a list of questions because it helps to know what to ask.

  1. Before taking a medical test, ask your doctor to explain why it is important, what it will show, and what it will cost out of pocket if you don’t have coverage. Also, ask how you will be notified of the text results and how long they will take to come in.


  1. Once your results are in you need to discuss your diagnosis and what you can expect, also ask if the condition is permanent. What will be the long-term effects on your life?  Are there any particular symptoms you should watch for?  Also, are there lifestyles changes you should make?


  1. What are your treatment options? Ask about both the benefits and risks of the treatments, and also the overall success rate of each one.


  1. Are there certain foods, drinks or activities you should avoid while being treated? If you are taking other medications, make sure your doctors know so they can prevent harmful drug interactions.  Always consult your doctor before stopping or changing your medicine.


  1. If you need surgery don’t hesitate to ask how many of these the surgeon has done. If you have any doubts ask for a second opinion.  Always stay in control of your own health.


  1. Ask your doctor if there are other preventives that are available to help your health.

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