Do Widows Watch Too Much Television?

I think that in today’s society widows are so lonely, so separated from other people who are important to them, that they look to television to fill that loneliness void.

To stay mentally healthy our minds require involvement and attachment to other people . But, instead of getting involved in the lives of our family, friends and neighbors, the way past generations did, widows often get involved in the fake lives of T.V. people.

Why are we obsessed with watching the mundane and intimate details of other people’s lives on T.V.?  How will listening to the “House wives of ….” make our lives better?

I remember a time when widows actually sat around their kitchen tables and talked together about the things that mattered to them.  Now they watch “The View” by themselves.

When grieving it’s important that we stimulate our brains with conversations and material that is energizing and that enriches our lives.  Learning a language, studying music, playing games and puzzles all helps us to be positive while we are grieving.

There is a lot of good on T.V. – comedy, excellent documentaries, cultural programming and stimulating shows that actually enhances our lives.  But sadly these are not the programs widows are drawn to.

The point is that we widows need to make smart choices about the way we connect to the world around us.  Instead of passively watching others live through the T.V., we need to live our lives through real people.

Watching time-wasting T.V. keeps us from the outside real world and makes us feel even more isolated.  Because we are not sure how to act in the world as a widow, we turn to T.V.

T.V. helps us to hide at home, and avoid the necessary changes that we need to make so that our broken hearts will heal.  Please don’t hide your grief, and turn away from your family of friends.  You need them to get rebalanced, and for support and encouragement as you grieve.

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