What Is A Successful Widow?

As a widow, can you answer that question?  Can you define what success means to you, personally?

Each of us can have real success in our talents, time, resources and relationships by building up our self-confidence and character.

Success is about knowing who you are and what you do to serve yourself and those around you.  It’s being so confident in your own character that you won’t let anyone else tell you how to live.

It’s knowing your strengths and building on them, but also knowing your weakness and working on them.  Success is understanding that your imprint on this world matters.

There is never going to be another “you”, so make it a worthwhile life.  Trying too hard can make success elusive.  So take the necessary actions and then let go of unrealistic expectations.  Always acknowledge when things work out, and when they don’t, move on.

When obstacles are in a widow’s way, how does she remove them?  One small step at a time!  Stay focused, be optimistic and hang in regardless of what happens.

Being a successful widow means that you have developed a sense of being alive, letting your broken heart heal so that you can again extend joy and love to others.

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