Don’t Let Loneliness Hold You Back

Do you feel like you could die from your broken heart?  Studies have shown that loneliness and social isolation can trigger heart disease, stress on your body and mind.  The researchers suggest engaging in some casual social activities at least once a week to lighten some of your burden from loneliness.

Widows have to be careful that they don’t become too suspicious of the outside world.  I know it can be scary to be on your own, but having a cynical attitude may lead to premature death.  Cynics tend to rely less on others and try to do everything alone, leading to increase stress, less doctor visits and a very small world.

The human mind is wired to share with others.  Researchers tell us that warm, supportive relationships are like a dose of good medicine.  Widows need to plan on friendships, plan time for it and places to meet up.  Human relationships are the most important thing in our lives.

Widows need friends who will listen to them, encourage their journey and support them emotionally.  No one can do it alone, so take care of yourself and keep lots of friends around who will give you a boost while you’re grieving.

And as a last note, if you don’t have these kind of friends then make it your mission to reach out to others and be that kind of friend for them.  In doing for others, we often get back just what we need for ourselves.

  1. Kerry Parke
    | Reply

    We were fairly social. Just enjoying our whats left. He hated the word retirement! So many plans made left unfinished. Anyway whats happened happened. Can’t change that…can’t change the feelings of loss either. Cant say I felt lonely though. I wanted
    ( still do at times) to shut myself away. My friends don’t like it! Too bad I say. Thanks but no thanks! However, I am sensible enough to know too much alone time is not good. I asked myself the question, IF I wanted to do things what might they be? I got a calendar and marked the days with things to do. It went from meanial tasks to social outings. Hated going to some things and despised others! Two years later I actually enjoy some of the ideas I had. I have to mention I got myself an amazing psychologist as well. That helped immensely. I needed someone nuetral to talk too. My beautiful patient friends just were not what I needed for the moment. Its been hard for sure. I am still learning to be happy alone. I can’t imagine ever having another. And as for taking my wedding ring off? Only to clean it! Listen to yourself. You are the only one who knows what’s best for you and remember this…your mate of 40 years would not want you to be sad and unhappy for too long you have to get out there and have as much fun for the two of you! Much love to you all.⁰

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