American Thanksgiving 2020

For new widows all holidays are difficult, but finding things to be thankful for, especially in 2020, is a stretch.

You’re grieving, don’t try to be something you’re not. Let grief have it’s time and don’t hide behind the “I’m Okay Mask” so that others around you will feel better.

Something to watch out for is that sometimes we widows get stuck in stuff that helps us to check out when life gets too hard. They distract us momentarily from our broken hearts, but by trying to avoid our sadness we often turn to unhealthy habits:

Alcohol/ Drugs

Excessive Exercise


Casual Sex



Mindless Eating

In moderation the above are safe, but during the holidays our loneliness is highlighted and with that our emotional reliefs grow to fill our emptiness.

This Thanksgiving is going to be especially hard as many of us will be separated from the support of family and friends.

Please get out a journal and start writing out all your feelings – anger, loneliness, anxiety and fear. But then take a moment to also write out your blessings – health, grandchildren, family, friends, roof over your head and a meal on the table.

Regardless of where you are this Thanksgiving, I wish you the very best of peace and joy as you travel on your own personal grief journey.


  1. Crystal Weld
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    Thank you for your insight and Happy Thanksgiving!

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