YouTube Workbook for Widows

Rebalance ~ Restore ~ Rejuvenate

Workbook for Widows free on YouTube

As a widow you need to let yourself grieve, it is a necessary part of your healing.

When you are ready to move forward your next step is not about the past as much as it’s about taking the necessary action steps to not only get rebalanced, but to create the life of your dreams.

Rather than waiting for a change of environment before you act, take action now and your environment will naturally change around you.

Ask yourself:  What do I really want?  Do my actions line up with what I want?  Don’t let life just happen to you – instead take this free YouTube course and create the future you want.

I (Mary Francis) do this workbook for FREE on YouTube for you.

Start here:  YouTube video – Week 1, day 1 of Workbook

Why not do this?  It costs you nothing and you will be taking a major step towards understanding what you want from life.

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    How could I get a copy of the workbook?

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