Widows Made by Covid-19

It is the cruelest of all things for a widow to lose a loved one and not to be with them at the end because of covid-19 and/or to not be able to have a funeral or receive the much needed hugs from family and friends.  There are alot of widows made by Covid-19 and we need to be especially aware of their grief and anger.

This is just a quick video in support of all the widows that have lost a loved one because of the Covid-19 virus.  Our thoughts, prayers and resources are here to support and encourage you.


Please know that in this time of self isolation you do not have to grieve alone. All of us widows are here to support you online.

Start by visiting our website to get all our free resource links, blog postings, free downloadable guides and don’t forget to join our private Facebook Page just for widows called “The Sisterhood of Widows – Private Group for Widows.”

  1. immaculate t williams
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    Thank you so much for the kind words. My husband died of the corona-virus on May 29, 2020 and I was not allowed to see him during the month he was hospitalized. He was in the hospital on May3, and put on the ventilator on May7, and from that day he was sedated so that he couldn’t talk to us, nor did he open his eyes. The doctors said he could hear us talking to him. And it is so true that we didn’t have a viewing or funeral so that no one could hug me and tell me the words that I need to hear. I am so happy to find your sisterhood of widows. Thank you so much for having this and especially the understanding of what the Covid widows are going through.
    Immaculate Williams

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