It’s OK For Widows To Date

It’s ok for widows to date. Something we may have to say to our children – “Just because Mom is older and a widow doesn’t mean that she is unable to make her own decisions when it comes to dating”.

Widows deserve a second chance at love – if that’s what they want. This is a very personal decision – some widows are content and even happy to never date again, while others want to test out the dating pool and maybe even get married again.

                       This video was done for my YouTube channel on August 4, 2018

  1. Jennifer Spearing
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    I had the absolute love of my life and best friend, partner in crime. I won’t ever date anyone again. I’ll be be together in eternity. Now my life will be very different but thankfully I have a big family and many friends who love me. I am blessed.

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