No Quick Fix When Grieving

We widows are urged to look for the quick fix rather than to look inside ourselves.  We end up seeing only our limitations, instead of our possibilities.  The truth is there is no quick fix when grieving.

I have no “secrets” to tell you, no “magic formula” to grieving, no “amazing new techniques” for creating your future, no “quick and easy” way to create goals and no “unique” method for healing your broken heart.

Instead, I want to focus on the time honoured values of respect, kindness, honesty, appreciation, hard work, commitment and just being as good a person as you can be (especially to yourself).

My point here is that there is no shortcut, no easy way and no new method for grieving.  It’s part of life to love and to grieve.

My personal belief is that we heal better when we become and do all that we are capable of.  When we reach for the highest that’s within us, when we give the best that we have, then life has a way of making a path for us.  Life doesn’t require that we are always happy.  It asks only that we do our best at each part of our life’s journey.

Healthy grieving is understanding the difference between just existing or choosing to live fully.  We get through our grief and get the most out of life because we put the most into it.  “We reap what we sow” is an old saying that has stood the test of time.

The hardest part of our journey is learning to enjoy life again.  I urge you to discover what is good about you and believe me when I say that you have many special talents/values/traits.  Please take time to recognize just how much potential you have, because healing starts by believing in yourself.

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  1. june483
    | Reply

    Thank you Mary Francis – “The hardest part of our journey is learning to enjoy life again”. True words! Before I can learn to enjoy life again I need to – want to – my feelings for a year are not wanting to enjoy life again, crazy as it sounds – but that is where family and friends keep stepping in to remind me to – want to… I remain a work in progress…

  2. Kathryn Gould
    | Reply

    Thank you. I am tired of tearing up and the crush in my chest for wanting to hold my sweetheart one more time. I smell his cologne when I am feeling strong, I wear his clothes in bed at night. I am hollowed out with grief but the love and light I get from others is enough to keep me moving and living.

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